Poor man’s burnt ends

Chuck roast burnt ends.

Chuck roast rubbed with Hardcore Carnivore Black and Salt Lick rub. Smoked at 220 for three hours. Bumped to 270 till internal temp hit 165. Wrapped in foil till it hit 195. Pulled off smoker and rested for 10 mins. Cut in 3/4 inch bits and added a little bit of brown sugar and Rendezvous BBQ sauce. Put back on smoker for 1 1/2 hours (till it was bubbling and the meat was tender). Served hot!

Country Style Boneless Ribs!

Rubbed with yellow mustard and used Famous Dave’s rib rub. Placed on smoker at 210/220 degrees till it hit a temp of 165. Turned smoker up to 300 degrees and place meat in a pan with apple juice, orange juice, and a little bbq sauce. Covered and cooked till it hit an internal temp of 195. Pull out of the pan and brushed on a little bbq sauce (used Maull’s) and put back on smoker for 10 mins. Overall cook time was 4.5 hours.

Prime Rib

5 pound rib roast, coated with Salt and Pepper. Placed in Big Easy oil-less turkey fryer till internal temperature reaches 133° (For medium rare)

Au Jus

  • 3 cups water
  • 4 cubes beef bouillon
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce or ponzu sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Back pepper and a pinch of salt
  • 1/2 glass of red wine

Heat in sauce pan. 

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Lollipop Chicken!

Purchased these chicken legs from a local meat shop and asked them to French cut the legs for me. Did 1/2 skin on & 1/2 skin off. In the end both turned out great!

Wrapped bones in aluminum foil to keep the bones from burning. Used Killer Hog bbq rub & coated the meat. Set smoker for 300° placed the chicken legs in for around 2 hours (pull temp = 165° – 170°)

Add stick of butter to pan prior to placing in smoker.

When you hit the pull temp dip in warmed up BBQ sauce.

Put back in smoker (I finished in oven at 300°) for around 30 mins or until it hits 175°.

So good!

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Smoked Eggs

Hard boil eggs.
Peel eggs.
Smoke for 15-20 mins at 225.
Make sure there is a tray filled with ice in the smoker.
I used hickey and peach wood chips.
Photo Feb 05, 12 06 44 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 05, 12 48 55 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 05, 12 06 39 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 05, 12 23 52 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 05, 1 25 13 PM.jpg
Deviled Eggs filling:
Egg Yokes (from the smoked eggs)
Heinz Yellow Mustard
Durkee Sauce
Hellmann’s mayonnaise with olive oil

Corned Beef & Cabbage (crock pot)

Photo Mar 17, 5 53 44 PM.jpg
Crock pot:
– low for 6 hours to start
– high last 2 hours
In bottom of crock pot fill with:
Carrots (Pre-packaged sticks), Potatoes (Golden), and an Onion (White).
Add Corn Beef (4lbs) on top and sprinkle on spice packet.
Add one can of beer (I used IC Light, but Bud Light would work).
Add water till the bottom of the beef is barely in the water/beer mixture.
Add cut up cabbage for the last 2 hours (just place on top of beef or fill in where there are gaps).
Best I have ever had!!!!