Smoked bologna

Remove outside casing and cut small lines around the bologna slices. This will keep your slices from curing up. Brush on some bbq sauce and your favorite rub. Smoke at 250° for 45 mins. Flip and add bbq sauce and rub to the other side. smoke for another 45 mins. Enjoy as is or fry in a pan with butter. For the above photo I used Hinks bbq sauce and a Meat Church rub.

diggNATION live from St. Louis

What a great time Regina and I had at this event! One of the coolest things to occur was when I went to the bar to get a beer and turn to my left to see Kevin standing right next to me. I bought both Kevin and Alex a Budweiser and enjoyed a Bud Light myself. Now how cool is that to get the opportunity to buy your idols a beer. Both of them were extremely nice and down to earth.
Photo 1
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LIVE Diggnation taping!

Diggnation LIVE Taping in St. Louis
Finally got details on the Live Diggnation in St. Louis, MO on February 20th.
Hope to see you there!
2017 Chouteau
St. Louis, MO. 63103
February 20th – The show starts at 7:30pm local time.
21 and over.
For more information on Moulin, head over to:
Hope to see you there